****Do you have Italian ancestors?  Click on the link for instructions and the application form.  Italian Heritage Scholarship

****Click the link for the following scholarship.   ARMY ROTC National Scholarship Process

****Majoring in Environmental Studies:  Horticulture, Landscape Design, Forestry, Botany, Conservation, Land Management, Environmental Concerns, Geology, or related subjects

Apply for the WV Garden Clubs, Inc. Scholarship.  Deadline February 1, 2019          WV Garden Club


****Go to and create an account to receive tons of scholarship information.


****US Junior Chamber International Senate has scholarships available.  $1,000 each.  Click on the link for the letter and paper application that you may print and submit.

WV JCI Senate scholarship


****A scholarship that looks at the impact of distracted driving and explores ways to address this growing problem. In order to apply, students must submit an essay on the topic.

You can view the scholarship here:


****The American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program  “A Constitutional Speech Contest”  I am attaching the brochure for further instructions.


****Click on this link to find the scholarship information.  Application open from September 13, 2018 through January 15, 2019.


****The following web address contains information on the GE-REAGAN FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP.  Copy and paste it into your browser to get the information.  FYI–$40,000 should motivate anyone to apply! Deadine is January 4, 2019.


****Enter the following web address to see a list of scholarships:



The brochure above is from the Hagan Scholarship Foundation, a nationwide need-based merit scholarship, designed to provide each recipient with the opportunity to graduate college debt free.  622 Hagan Scholars from 37 states currently attend 236 colleges and universities.  Each scholarhip provides up to $6,000 each semester for up to 8 consecutive semesters and includes a $15,000 Schwab Investment Account and fully paid Study Abroad Award.  (THIS IS AMAZING, EVERYONE!  PLEASE APPLY!)    Log in to  the deadline is November 15th.


****The Tug Valley Mining Institute Scholarship is based on need, leadership, and scholarship.  Due date is March 29, 2019.  $8,000 award over 4 years.  Click the link below for the application.

tug valley mining institute scholarship

****Click on the link below for the details on applying for applying for the scholarship.  For senior athletes with great character.  You can win school, state, or national awards!

Wendy’s Heisman



GREATER KANAWHA VALLEY FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP–It’s that time again! The application is available ON-LINE only.  Visit the website on November 1, 2018.  Students can click on Scholarships and obtain the following:

  • Scholarship Information
  • List of Available Scholarships
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Submitting an Application On-Line


GoodCall Scholarship Engine requires no personal information and it’s free to use. You can check it out here:

Go to for a searchable list of scholarship opportunities.

Go to for a list of scholarships that students from WV school districts are eligible for.

For lists of scholarships that students from WV school districts are eligible for. Go to for a list of scholarships and deadlines. Deadline: Deadlines vary.

For additional scholarships for West Virginia colleges and universities log onto:


Scholarship and Financial Aid Information


Financial Aid –


College Board –

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence –


PROMISE ELIGIBILITY—Minimum High School Grade Point Average Requirements are 3.0 Core GPA and a 3.0 Cumulative GPA. Minimum Test Score Requirements are:

ACT (national test only)                                 SAT (reasoning test only)

Composite 22                                                 Combined Score 1100

English       20                                                 Critical Reading   540

Math           20                                                 Math                     510

Science       20

Reading     20


Promise Deadline: March 1, 2018:   Interested students should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) AT State Level Financial Aid Programs are included on the FAFSA. Students apply for the Promise at by the deadline date stated. Students can begin applying for the Promise scholarship and FAFSA October 1, 2017.

PROMISE SCHOLARSHIP RENEWAL REQUIREMENTS—This scholarship will automatically be renewed if the student has a minimum overall 2.75GPA at the end of the first twelve-month period on completed college coursework. Thereafter, a 3.0 cumulative GPA is required. A student must also earn thirty credit hours over a twelve-month period to be considered for scholarship renewal. A student may use subsequent summer sessions (at his/her own cost) to complete the thirty-hour requirement. Any college credits earned (as well as the GPA for those credits) prior to fall semester enrollment as a degree seeking student do not affect negatively or positively the student’s eligibility for renewal of the scholarship. Only those credits and grades earned while the student is a PROMISE Scholar count for purposes of determining renewal eligibility. Please remember that students who lose the PROMISE Scholarship will not be able to regain it at a later time.

Heaps Grant—encourages and enables needy students to study part-time, achieve educational goals and improve the workforce in WV. Deadline—rolling application process. Contact


Engineering, Science & Technology Scholarship—attracts talented students to pursue degrees in Engineering, Science or Technology. Assists WV in retaining a highly skilled workforce. Contact


Underwood-Smith Teacher Scholarship—program enables and encourages outstanding students to pursue teaching careers in WV. Deadline—March 1. Contact


Academic Common Market—cooperative tuition agreement among states in the Southern Regional Education Board. Deadline—arranged prior to enrollment. Contact—


Medical Student Loan—provides loans to medical students with designated academic standards. Deadline—determined by medical school. Contact


Health Sciences Scholarship—provides an incentive for students to become Rural Practitioners or Nursing Faculty in WV. Medical students and students in graduate Nursing and Physician Assistant programs are eligible. Contact


BOONE COUNTY-WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY ALUMNI AND FRIENDS SCHOLARSHIP—application for WVU or its affiliated institutions. Applications are on-line at