From the Principal

Dear Students and Parents,

I hope this school year is very rewarding for both the students and their parents. We no longer live in a society where students can just get by with a high school diploma. In order to be successful in today’s society a student needs to have a minimum of a high school diploma, coupled with some form of specialized training. Too often students think that a high school diploma is enough. In today’s global society, it is not!

I am very excited about this school year.  As the principal there are many responsibilities that fall upon my shoulders. Some of those responsibilities include providing a quality educational environment, keeping you as a parent informed, maintaining school discipline and most importantly, keeping your children safe. I promise to do my best to provide the encouragement and guidance necessary to keep Scott High School successful!

As a parent there are some responsibilities that we need your help with. First, we need you to take an active interest in your child’s education. Ask questions about school, provide the structure at home to make sure that they are doing their assignments, help them to set personal goals and then help provide the encouragement to see your child reach their goals.

Secondly, we need your children in school. We all know that students become ill and may need to stay home. But, too often students miss school for unnecessary reasons. As educators, we are charged with teaching your children, but we cannot teach them if they are not in school. Please make every attempt to have your children at school everyday possible.

I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. I am excited to be the principal at Scott High School and most importantly I am looking forward to watching our students grow to be successful, productive citizens.

Thank you,


Allen E. Halley
Scott High School