Mission Statement and Core Beliefs


Scott High School will ensure a positive, safe learning environment that promotes student success.



The Scott High School community will lead students to be successful, productive and responsible citizens through a collaborative, goal-oriented, relevant curriculum in a positive and safe environment.



Always be excellent in everything you do

All in, every day!



1. Collaboration with colleagues, parents and community will provide greater educational opportunities for school improvement.

2. Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

3. A positive, safe, and nurturing environment is required for ALL students to achieve mastery.

4. Instructional focus, data disaggregation, and assessment are essential components for measuring student achievement.

5. Commitment by all stakeholders to continuous improvement will result in improved teaching and learning for ALL.

6. Strong instructional leadership and highly qualified personnel are necessary to insure a climate of high expectations for ALL.

7. Given adequate time and opportunity, ALL students will achieve success towards mastery of the fundamental curriculum.