Dress Code

Dress Code Violations

  • No clothing that has holes or cutouts that show skin above the mid- thigh will be permitted.
  • No baggy clothing where the under garments are exposed will be permitted.
  • Students will NOT wear any clothing that exposes the mid part of the body.
  • No tank tops, spaghetti straps or halter will be permitted unless worn under a shirt.
  • The length of shorts, skirt, or dress must be extended to at least the student’s mid-thigh.
  • No head wear, hats, sunglasses inside the building.
  • No clothing or articles depicting violence will be permitted.
  • No clothing, jewelry, or accessories which may be considered derogatory, towards a race, culture, or religion will be permitted.
  • No clothing or articles that contain depictions of or references to, or are suggestive of sex, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or obscenities will be permitted.
  • No spike jewelry is acceptable, pierced body ornaments other than studs are restricted to the ears.

Discipline Action/ Consequences

1st offense- parent conference/ 1 day of lunch detention/ change of clothing

2nd offense- parent conference/ 1-3 days of ISS/ change of clothing

3rd offense- parent conference/ 1-3 days of OSS/ change of clothing